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26 Oct 2022

Clean up your To-Do List with a visit to the YAGRO stand

Clean up your To-Do List with a visit to the YAGRO stand


Clean up your To-Do List with a visit to the YAGRO stand

Each farmers To-Do List will be different but at its core it will be very similar: to run a profitable business. Every task or activities on that list revolves around that overriding core need. More often than not, the longer more time-consuming office jobs get stuck on the list and held back for a wet day.

Those tasks which seem to always stay for a wet day:

  • Record & Review grain sales to date
  • Review nitrogen spend in such and such a field
  • Run budget simulations on spring crops for best gross margin
  • Rotation review - work out % increase in cost/ha for all crops

The YAGRO platform simplifies these tasks and make the whole process more streamlined for farmers, less time pouring over and breaking excel and more time getting the actual job done.

YAGRO Analytics translates your raw farm data into actionable insight on your historic performance, at a crop, variety and field level. By understanding historic performance, you can explore trends, rank fields and build a better understanding of your financial performance; be that internally, within a small private network of like-minded farms or compared to the rest of the country.

There is a vast amount of data held within a farm which often isnt being used data itself holds little value, its the insights from the data that hold the value. We want to ensure farmers are making use of and getting value from their data without it being a chore.

'Importing our farm data couldnt be more straightforward and the YAGRO team have been proactive in ensuring we get the most out of our data and how best to interpret that data in a practical sense.' Tom Dart, Cranborne Estate

Top of mind with most farms this season is the current price inflation and volatility we are experiencing in inputs and with grain markets. Our Tracker tool analyses your current data for in-season tracking of input costs versus budget, the monitoring and measuring of your sold and contracted positions, the option to create and track against budgets, as well as providing access to current input and commodity prices. Tracker updates actual costs at a crop and variety level as activities are completed on your farm. The same is true for crop marketing activities our system will read sales records and contracts to keep tabs on total moved and sold positions, average prices achieved as well as quantities left to sell.

As farmer Will Oliver puts it It's about growing an efficient crop at the right value and, with Tracker; it's so hands-on and easy to access. It means I can continuously monitor our budget at any time.

Will Oliver, this years Farmers Weekly Arable Farmer of the year will be on stand with us from 11am till 2pm on Wednesday 23rd November, discussing how he uses the YAGRO platform.

We will be running a competition over the two days of CropTec to win a 12 month subscription to YAGRO Analytics and Tracker worth at least £2000. Come and see us on stand for your chance to win and see how we can tidy up your To-Do List.

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