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18 Aug 2020

The building blocks of your autumn herbicide programme

The building blocks of your autumn herbicide programme

By Clayton Plant Protection

Clayton Plant Protection offers a wide range of herbicides for cereal crops this Autumn.

Achieving good crop establishment to maximise yields relies on effective, early season control of grass and broad-leaved weeds. Effective stacking of residual herbicides will help growers achieve the best start. Our products can help put in place the building blocks for successful weed control.

The benefits of early weed control

Weeds compete with the emerging crop for light, soil moisture and nutrients, so can severely damage yield potential in the early stages. It is important to tackle weeds effectively before crop emergence and in the first 7-10 days after crop emergence, to protect against yield losses. For certain weeds including blackgrass there are very few effective post-emergence herbicides, this means tackling these weeds early is the only effective option.

Effective Blackgrass Strategies

It can typically require as few as 10 blackgrass plants/m2 for a potential 5-10% yield loss in wheat.

Combining cultural control techniques with a targeted herbicide programme is essential. Cultural practices like delaying drilling and utilising stale seedbed techniques are vital. Sufficient soil moisture is important for both blackgrass germination and the efficacy of residual herbicides therefore cultivation techniques should be managed accordingly.

Residual stacking is key

Tank mixing and sequencing (where several products are applied in close succession) are more effective at controlling grass weed populations than individual products. Flufenacet is a key active to start with and Claytons generic range of flufenacet co-form products Clayton Facet™ / Sabre™ / Aspect™, all formulated to a high quality in the UK, or straight flufenacet option Clayton Tacit™ all offer a great start point for weed control this autumn.

With a broad range covering all of the major active ingredients, our residual product portfolio allows for a robust, targeted programme that can be adapted to individual situations.

Product Profiles - A Quick Guide

Clayton Facet® / Sabre® / Aspect® 400g/l flufenacet and 100g/l diflufenican

Clayton Tacit® 480g/l flufenacet

Clayton Comply® / Obey® 800g/l prosulfocarb

Clayton El Nino® 500 g/l diflufenican

Pendifin™400SC 400 g/l pendimethalin

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