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13 Aug 2020

Bourgault VOS: A game changer?

Bourgault VOS: A game changer?

By Martin Lishman

Min till/no till crop establishment has sparked the interest of many who desire more sustainable farming practices with reduced input costs. Bourgault Tillage Toolss Versatile Opener System (VOS) has been designed to meet these objectives, offering minimal soil disturbance and reduced wear rates at a lower cost per hectare.

Introduced to the market four years ago by Bourgault importer Martin Lishman, VOS users have reacted positively to the system, seeing more even crop establishment, increased moisture retention and time savings.

Following the decision to adopt VOS, Leigh Donger from Peacock Farm shared his views: In 2018 we changed to VOS and it was a real game changer. We thought that the knock-on points we were using previously created low disturbance, but the VOS single shoot is something else. I had to check that the field had been drilled, and even questioned the student to make sure he had done the job.

No stranger to the Bourgault range, Leigh made the move to VOS to gain better control of the fertiliser element: The main reason we changed was because of how VOS distributes the fertiliser; alternative openers just spray the fertiliser on the soil after the coulter. I wanted the fertiliser to be under the seed or at least under the soil. VOS does just this, plus I can go straight from oilseed rape seed to beans without changing anything on the drill leg.

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