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13 Nov 2020

Avatar SD direct seed drill with single disc coulter

The Avatar SD is a compact seed drill that is ideal for direct seeding or catch crop populations. In cases of black grass resistance, the Avatars low disturbance of the seedbed when sowing with the single disc coulter helps prevent the black grass from germinating.

The Avatar SD is available in 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12m working widths and due to its high tare weight, the new single disc coulter is ideal for direct seeding. The Avatar SD in 4m working width weighs 5,800kg, 9,300kg at 6m and 19,160 kg at 12m working widths. Despite the high weight necessary for a direct seed drill, the horsepower requirement of the Avatar SD is low as the SingleDisc coulters are arranged in two bars.

Avatar SD uses the well-proven hopper and metering components of the Pronto DC seed drills. Depth control of the coulters is carried out via the well-proven rubber suspension of the Pronto in a larger and stronger version which is required due to the high coulter pressure.

The coulter pressure of up to 310kg guarantees penetration into the soil. The strong coulter frame eliminates sideways movement, which ensures that the coulter keeps to the set sowing depth even on uneven soils. A press wheel then closes the seed furrow and consolidates the seed row.

A 2,800-litre hopper can be replaced with a double hopper version (3,800 litres) for grain and fertiliser and a 200-litre micro-granular unit is available with either hopper version. The machine is controlled and monitored by a standard ISOBUS terminal.

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