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03 Sep 2021

Albanwise Farming Ltd. are the latest to implement Geofolia crop recording software

Albanwise Farming Ltd. are the latest to implement Geofolia crop recording software

by Landmark

Geofolia, a crop recording software that has been available in Europe for nearly a decade, was introduced to the UK market back in 2017 by Landmark Systems a well-established farm software provider based in West Sussex.

Geofolia was chosen for the UK market thanks to its straightforward map based interface and reliable mobile app it includes all the tools needed to fulfil compliance obligations and analyse performance that farmers and managers need. In fact, a recent survey confirmed that the overall satisfaction rate among UK customers is high at 96%.

The latest in a string of prominent farming businesses to adopt Geofolia is Albanwise Farming Ltd. which covers over 12,000 hectares across four farms in both Norfolk and Yorkshire. Over the next five to ten years, all farm businesses will need to increase productivity to remain profitable as the structure of subsidy evolves. Tom Dye, CEO and Director of Albanwise Farming confirmed: Our Farm Managers time is precious and needs to be focussed on optimising field tasks. An intuitive, logicaland modern platform for crop recording and field level analysis is essential in supporting our farming and estate management decisions. Geofolia is easy to navigate from initial data input through to data analysis and therefore is a big stepforward.

Mr Dye is confident that the Geofolia smartphone app will contribute to timely decision making. Real time updates from the office, managers and operators out in the field will reduce the opportunity for mistakes caused by delayed updates to central information.

Having used another, widely recognised crop recording platform for 13 years, the move to Geofolia is a decision that took two years to settle. Of their consultations with Landmark, Mr Dye said: Landmarks team have always been responsive to our questions and suggestions for improvements to the programme before we made our commitment.

We are sure their expertise will assist us in a seamless transition. Landmark consultant Robert Knobel-Forbes who handled negotiations said: We look forward to working closely with Albanwise Farmings progressive management team. We are currently in the setup phase, ensuring that Geofolia is configured correctly for the business both now and as it expands in the future.

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