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09 Apr 2020

AHDB's Spring Cropping Hub

AHDB's Spring Cropping Hub


Find tools and resources and the best practice that is essential for good quality spring crop establishment.

Crop definitions can be found on the HSE website. As far as pesticide use and regulations go, anything sown up to January 31 is a winter crop. After that it is spring, regardless of variety.

For the Basic Payment Scheme, spring and winter varieties count as different crops independent of their sowing date. See page 68 of theBasic Payment Scheme rules for 2019.

Visit the Spring Cropping Hub to learn more about:

  • Pest and disease monitoring
  • Recommended List advice and guidance
  • Variety Selection Tool
  • Potatoes advice on desiccation, cultivations & planting methods
  • Podcasts, digital literature and video content

Visit here:

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