Tools to take cover with

The benefits of cover crops are being explored by many growers, but careful management is needed to ensure residues do not hamper the following crop. Jane Carley gets guidance on destruction principles and looks at tools for the job.

Aphid ‘barrier’ could help beat virus yellows

As crop pests and extreme weather put sugar beet under pressure, BBRO’s BeetField20 Virtually Live online events provided growers with some pointers to adapting to the changing meteorological and political climate. Alice Dyer and Marianne Curtis report.

Get even for optimum slug control this autumn

With oilseed rape drilling less than a month away, slugs will soon be a foremost consideration for growers once again. Arable Farming gets some advice from three experts on how to ensure hassle-free, accurate molluscicide application this autumn.

A growing role for seed treatments

Seed treatments have fallen victim to the diminishing toolbox of active ingredients in recent years, limiting control choices for certain pests and diseases, but new treatments are emerging. Alice Dyer reports.