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Sprayer Demonstrations

CropTec’s sprayer demonstration area gives you an exclusive opportunity to test drive and experience on a one to one basis, the latest sprayers in the market from leading manufacturers.

80% of our visitors last year rated the sprayer demonstration area as excellent; we give delegates a unique first-hand experience of the machines, dedicated time with an expert and a place to compare the most up to date innovations and technology in the market.

Simply visit each of the manufacturer’s stands in the exhibition hall to arrange your test drive.

2017 Sprayer demonstrators
Agrifac UK Chafer Machinery Horsch UK
John Deere LEMKEN Lite-Trac

Sprayer Demonstrations 2016 highlights

Sprayer demo Agrifac

Agrifac Condor

Agrifac says it’s Condor is the most innovative crop sprayer in the world, and is efficient, economical, ergonomic and ecological. The StabiloPlus chassis forms a strong basis which ensures unrivalled stability, says the manufacturers. Thanks to the EcoTronicPlus operators have the most up to date information while spraying, and while driving on the road. The GreenFlowPlus means the spray system’s contact is minimal, making the system quick and easy to clean. The Agrifac Condor has been designed with the most modern and comfortable cabin, with the maximum space and visibility. The standard climate control system provides an optimal, comfortable and clean work climate.

Agrifac Milan trailed sprayer

Agrifac is proud to be able to offer farmers and agricultural contractors the most innovative trailed crop protection sprayer in the world, the Agrifac Milan. The Milan provides highest comfort and a perfect spraying result and so the optimal protection for your crops. The only trailed sprayer on the market with technology of self-propelled sprayers.
Like at all other Agrifac machines for the trailed crop protection sprayer Milan two major principles were followed consequently. The “4e for growers” concept and the principle “Brilliant Simple”. These principles describe best, how Agrifac works on the challenge to satisfy the worlds growing demand for food.

Chafer Interceptor sprayer

The new Interceptor brings the highest specification ever offered on a ‘mid sized’ self propelled machine. Excellent efficiency and control are achieved from the engine and CVT transmission system, with a high specification Chafer spray pack offering excellent application accuracy and ease of use.

Horsch Leeb LT trailed sprayers

The HORSCH Leeb 4 LT, 5 LT and 6 LT trailed sprayers feature plastic tanks with 4, 5 and 6,000 litre capacities respectively and all feature the BoomControl Pro system, an advanced boom system designed to keep the boom less than 40cm from the crop at up 30kph over hilly terrain. Distance from the crop is the key factor in reducing drift and increasing crop penetration.

Three specification levels are available with the entry-level ECO model equipped with a piston diaphragm pump with manual operated valves for suction and pressure side. The CCS model features the automatic internal Continuous Cleaning System, while the CCS Pro model is equipped with an electronic system at the suction and pressure side similar to the premium Leeb GS. Leeb LT boom widths range between 18m and 42m and is available with nozzle switching combinations of 1-0 (nozzle per 50cm) to 4-2 (4 nozzles per 50cm plus 2 nozzles per 25cm).

John Deere 6250R and R952i trailed sprayer

John Deere’s new 6250R tractor, featuring the award-winning CommandPRO joystick and anAutoPowr transmission, will be operated with a 5200-litre capacity R952i trailed sprayer equipped with the innovative PowrSpray wet system in the event’s outdoor demonstration area. The 6250R develops up to 300hp with Intelligent Power Management and is fitted as standard with JDLink telematics, including remote display access (RDA) and wireless data transfer (WDT) linked to the MyJohnDeere.com website portal.


The LEMKEN Vega is the first trailed field sprayer developed internally by the Alpen agricultural machinery specialist. Its modern design and innovative technology make it a highly efficient field sprayer which leaves nothing to be desired as far as ease of operation is concerned says LEMKEN. The Vega sprayer is available with 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 litre tanks and SEH boom widths of 15 to 24 metres. The modern, compact design of the new Vega is visually impressive. This field sprayer has a low centre of gravity, despite its large tyres and generous ground clearance, and therefore offers excellent stability

Sprayer demo Lemken

Lite-Trac SS3000

The unique design of the Lite-Trac tool carrier provides a 18t load capacity with weight spread evenly across all four wheels with a high spec powershift drive. There are both rear and front linkage options with power take-off available. This makes the tool carrier incredibly versatile with many applications across agriculture and other industries too.
The tool carrier already has a variety of de-mount systems available including a high capacity crop sprayer/spreader from 4,500 -8,000 litres up to 48m, a 13,000 litre vacuum tanker and a 12t lime/fertiliser spreader.
The tractor on display is fitted with a demountable sprayer unit with 6,000 litre tank and 36m boom.