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Sprayer Test Drives

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With a new location comes new opportunities, at NAEC Stoneleigh we now have the availability for attendees to go on sprayer test drives. Get the exclusive opportunity to test drive and experience the latest sprayers on the market from leading manufacturers. Have one-to-one sessions with experts, learn the ins and outs of each model, and find the sprayer that meets your requirements.

At the entrance to the show there will be signposts to show you where to go to arrange your own personal test drive!

Sam Crop Sprayers - Sands Infinity Self-Propelled Sprayer

The Infinity series comprises two models of 5,000 or 6,000 litre capacity. An all-new chassis means the Infinity can accommodate larger wheels, yet ensures a turning circle of just 7.6 metres, for excellent manoeuvrability on the headlands. Four-wheel steering can be engaged at the touch of a button, with multiple modes to match every operation. These include two different modes that work on all four wheels to provide maximum turn or true tracking. This clever system can be adapted to suit the work in hand, with options including speed-related and spray on/off engagement of the four-wheel system.

The all-new suspension ensures comfortable travel, while those with a wide range of cropping will appreciate a track width that can be adjusted from 72 to 88 inches.  A new hydrostatic transmission offers seamless driving, with traction control as standard, while eco engine management with road and field modes ensures maximum fuel efficiency.

In the cab, key changes include a new armrest that puts all operating functions at the driver’s fingertips. The operator can also have cruise control to ease both field work and long journeys on the road. Further features include the Sands Overhead Screen with full control of filling, lights, machine health check management and hydraulic sliding axles. The high capacity of these new 5,000 and 6,000-litre machines sees a shift to stainless steel tanks, with a larger sump and all pipes plumbed straight into the tank. This ensures all pipework is as short as possible, and because all internal piping is fixed, there are no internal moving parts, save for the six internal cleaning nozzles operating at 8.0 bar pressure.

Externally, the new spraypack features new lighter yet stronger steel booms of up to 40m, with a five-sensor boom levelling system and auto-lowering when folding up. A new powered 40-litre induction hopper that’s part of a new side-mounted filling station features two washing nozzles and an additional hand lance for external cleaning.

Head to Sands in Hall: 2 Stand: 520

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Bateman - RB35 self-propelled sprayer

Bateman will be showcasing the 2023 RB35 self-propelled sprayer on stand 740 in Hall 2 and in the arena at CropTec 2023. This year’s model features new optional upgrades - ‘Slow Fill’ plumbing system, premium leather seat and premium stereo system.

The RB35 is the ultimate all-round sprayer and popular with farmers and growers who require exceptional spraying capability on hilly terrain. Features on the RB35 include: a 4000 litre fully baffled tank, a choice of two booms – Standard Contour 18-24 metres and Variable Geometry 24 – 36 metres and Dynamic Braking. A John Deere 225 bhp, 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine supplies the power enabling the RB35 to achieve road speeds of 55kph.

A passion for solving spraying problems is behind every innovation on a Bateman sprayer…

Bateman’s unique cab is the only cab designed and built specifically for a sprayer, featuring CAT 4 filtration as standard across each model range.

PinPoint III Pulse Width Modulation is capable of handling the highest speeds, biggest booms, and largest flow rates. Predictive Rate and Flow Control enable operators to lock on to target and spray under the most challenging field conditions and machine configurations.

Bateman Boom Levelling is an in-house designed system which follows the contours of the ground and provides operators with the ability to spray under a vast range of conditions without the need to change settings.

Bateman believe they have developed the best possible ownership experience for UK Growers and Contractors: - outstanding machine performance and reliability, lowest cost of ownership, industry-leading back up and highest residual values.

Head to Bateman In Hall: 2 Stand: 740

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Farol - Mazzotti MAF 4080 HP

The Mazzotti MAF 4080 HP is the larger machine in the small MAF range, with a 4,200 litre solution tank and spray booms up to 36 metres wide using fully integrated boom levelling.

All Mazzotti sprayers are equipped with John Deere technology and JDLink™, connecting your sprayer to the John Deere Operations Center for application records. OneClick Setup enables the operator to have the field with boundary, guidance tracks, application plan, any operational notes and operator information all in one place. Once the application plan is completed it wirelessly syncs back into Operation Center.

The new John Deere-derived cab with Mazzotti-developed interior makes it even more comfortable on long work days and being a level 4 pressurised cab makes it safer than ever. The workstation has intuitive controls, soundproofing and has great visibility.

Mazzotti has individual nozzle control as standard, developed and produced by John Deere. The MAF 4080 HP has two power unit options, John Deere 175hp or 225hp with a twin hydrostatic pump drive system. Poclain MHP11 high performance wheel motors with a 4-speed automatic internal shift provide more torque and more power, making light work of steep hills and tough field conditions.

John Deere patented M-Spray solution system offers 98% application accuracy. The dual-circuit system has a filling circuit with a fast fill pump, and a separate spray circuit which incorporates 750L/min spraying pump with direct rate control. This offers super-fast and super-accurate spray control.

For any further information, please contact Alex Pascoe - Group Sprayer Sales Specialist  -

Head to Farol In Hall: 2 Stand: 420

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Farol - John Deere R41 Series 40i and 50i Sprayer

The R41 Series with 40i and 50i Sprayers is packed with the latest technology for maximum productivity and efficiency. Experience the performance, versatility and speed of our spraying champion from its spacious new comfort cab. 

The R41 Series 50i Sprayer is equipped with John Deere technology and JDLink™, connecting your sprayer to John Deere Operations Center. This is the farming management portal of choice for collecting and visualising agronomic and machine information. Showing you all essential information at a glance, it helps you make fact-based decisions quickly and easily. 

 ExactApply™ nozzle control system is the ultimate Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) system on the market, designed and fully manufactured by John Deere. From simple section control to individual nozzle control for more precise application management, the 4-nozzle body has integrated electronics including a built-in nozzle light with multiple modes. ExactApply™ operates at 15hz or 30hz in manual or Automatic modes with A or B switching which reacts to the conditions. Fully compatible with liquid fertiliser and high flow rates you can cover more of your crop with better precision, maintaining your target rate, pressure and droplet size over an unprecedented range of speeds, while decreasing overlap and reducing input costs. 

PowrSpray™ allows you to fill up to 5,000 litres in less than 5 minutes and the Active Pause system provides clean water for adding chemicals and or rinsing containers. 

The PowerTech™ PVS 6.8 l 255hp 6 cyl. engine is well known for delivering steady powerful performance with less fuel and lower emissions. Even fully loaded, the R41 Series are impressive transport performers, with cruise control and smooth pneumatic individual wheel suspension they are both comfortable and productive. 

The 40i & 50i sprayers are available with steel booms up to 36 metre using TerrainCommand Pro, and Active Centre Frame Control complements the already exemplary mechanical boom stability of the 40i & 50i sprayers.  These sprayers achieve optimal spray distribution – making every drop count for maximum productivity. 

John Deere build the R41 Series with 40i & 50i sprayers so that you can do it better. From planning and documentation, filling and transport, to application, rinsing and dilution – you’ll get every step just right, and finish faster than ever.

For any further information, please contact Alex Pascoe - Group Sprayer Sales Specialist  -

Head to Farol In Hall: 2 Stand: 420

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Amazone - Pantera 4504

The new Pantera 4504, with its 4,700 litre spray tank, offers everything the operator needs; operator comfort and simplicity of operation along its with state-of-the-art boom guidance and nozzle selection technology. The longitudinal tandem chassis, complete with CAN-BUS electro-hydraulic suspension, gives an exceptional ride performance in any topography.  

The ergonomic operator station features high-speed suction and pressure filling, automatic fill stop, automatic cleaning and a market-leading 200 l/min draw capacity induction bowl that handles both powders and liquid with ease.  The ContourControl boom guidance system with SwingStop selects its height above crop automatically depending on whether 25 cm or 50 cm nozzle spacing is selected and gives instantaneous response to both negative and positive contour following.

The AmaSelect automatic nozzle control makes for individual nozzle shut-off and individual nozzle lighting whereas the standard curve compensation means a uniform application rate across the full boom width when spraying around bends. Irrespective of forward speed and spray rate, the sprayer automatically selects the correct nozzle size to ensure that the droplet size is maintained thus reducing drift and chemical wastage.


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HORSCH - Leeb CS Mounted Sprayer

HORSCH enters the 3-point crop care market with the mounted sprayer Leeb CS. CS stands for CompactSprayer and the sprayer is compact and manoeuvrable, ideal for smaller fields.

The CS models are available with three different tank sizes; 1400, 1800 and 2200 litres and an additional front tank will be available soon. Available with the technical innovations of its largest siblings, such as the active boom control system BoomControl, the Leeb CS be easily adapted and specified to each customer’s requirements.

Active boom control is a unique feature of HORSCH in this sector of the market. Other high productivity components like the continuous cleaning system (CCS Pro), the induction tank and other proven features have been taken over from the trailed sprayers.

The 25 cm nozzle layout that by now is widely used is also available for the new Leeb CS. The optimised centre of gravity makes the Leeb CS easy and safe to operate. A newly developed coupling triangle and hydraulic drive of the pumps allows the Leeb CS to be mounted easily and quickly due. All functions are controlled via the HORSCH user interface that customers already know from the Leeb LT and advanced Leeb GS.

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