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Sponsors of CropTec 2020

Since the very first CropTec Show, we’ve worked closely with some of the leading companies in the arable industry, who have been strong supporters of the event. We are proud to announce our sponsors for 2020.

Crop Nutrition Seminar


Yara UK supplies the full range of fertilizer products (solid, liquid, foliar & micronutrients). We also offer agronomic advice and support with a range of  tools designed to guide farmers in making informed and sustainable crop decisions. Yara UK Ltd are looking forward to sharing with CropTec’s attendees their full crop programme of solutions.

Soil Hub


Farming is our passion and HORSCH understands the needs of professional farmers from cultivating the soil through to crop protection application. As farmers ourselves, we create award-winning technology that increases crop yields and reduces establishment costs by offering precision, performance and reliability. The broad cultivator range has something to suit all conditions and applications across the country. Our impressive drill range has as grain and fertiliser models in all sectors with widths up to 12m. All HORSCH Leeb trailed and self-propelled sprayers feature BoomControl Pro for exact sprayer boom positioning, holding it rock steady at less than 40cm above the crop at speeds up to 30kph, even on hilly terrain.

Biocontrol Hub


Consumers and the environment both demand cleaner and more sustainable farming practices with lower chemical inputs, whilst still needing high output and quality.  One way to help work towards this goal is by using bio control products to replace or reduce chemical inputs.  UPL’s mission is to change the game – to make every single food product more sustainable.  Our new bio-fungicides launching at Crop Tec 2020 are another innovation to work towards a sustainable future.

Registration Sponsor


Landmark Systems provides award-winning business management software to farms ranging from 50ha to over 8,000ha across the UK. From crop records and mapping with Geofolia, to farm accounts and budgeting with KEYPrime, Landmark software and Mobile Apps help managers and operators to save time and money by ensuring they can easily view and update records in the field, then use that data to make informed business decisions in the office. A dedicated support team along with local consultants and trainers ensure Landmark clients receive friendly, personal service and software tailored to their needs.

Speciality Crops Partner


Premium Crops are in contact with end users who are willing to pay extra for a regular and reliable source of quality products with the right characteristics to meet their specific requirements. Through our production contracts UK arable farmers can supply those end user demands and benefit from the premiums that are available. Whether it is High Omega-3 spring linseed, High Protein Red Wheat, Naked Oats, HEAR oilseed rape or Canary Seed / Millet for the birdseed sector, all Premium Crops offer an added value over conventional cropping options.

Digital Partner


With a full range of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and molluscicides, ADAMA is one of the world’s leading crop protection companies: its products are available through leading agro-chemical distributors and agronomy companies.


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