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Will Oliver

Will Oliver

Farmer, A H Oliver & Son

Will Oliver, is fourth generation on the family farm. Working with the family as part of a diverse farming business. The business includes a wide range of activities from arable, poultry, glamping and lettings. Will is on National Crops Board, Maize Growers Association Council and ambassador for Clean Up Britain. 


The mainstay of the business for generations has been the arable department. And that remains that case today. The organic manures from the poultry has revolutionised our Cost of Production. Especially in this volatile time. Passionate about efficiency and moving the business forward. Utilising manures by growing grain maize for GLW feeds is seeing huge benefits to our soils. Bringing cover crops, sheep and utilising manures into our rotation. The future looks bright as we moving toward direct drilling and reducing fixed cost and working on improving efficiency further…..the bi production being net zero hopefully. 

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