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Nigel Davies

Nigel Davies

Director, Maltdoctor Ltd

Maximising natural capital revenue opportunities: A hard look at ways to monetise environmental deliverables on-farm

Nigel has been a director in food and beverage (malting and brewing) businesses for 20 years spanning technical , manufacturing and sustainability. He runs his own consultancy in sustainability and manufacturing support through Maltdoctor Ltd and was formerly director of technical and sustainability at Muntons for 25 years. He is Honorary Associate Professor at Nottingham University, School of Biosciences. In 2022, he was the author of the RASE report ‘Decarbonising UK Cereal Production’. He also holds positions on the Scientific Advisory Board for Ateria Health – a business promoting animal nutrition and health and is a senior advisor, technical and sustainability for First Key, a consultancy specialising in Malting, Brewing and Distilling. Nigel spearheaded the establishment of farmer support groups focused on sustainable agriculture and regen ag. In 2007 he developed the world’s first carbon footprint support tool for malting barley that has enabled a 36% reduction in GHG emissions in malting barley. He coined the phrase ‘Practical Sustainability’ to describe his approach to deliver real changes in sustainable practices that are readily understood and that make real differences in carbon emissions rather than hiding behind offsetting.

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