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Michael Kavanagh

Michael Kavanagh

Co-founder & director, Green Farm Collective (GFC)

Maximising natural capital revenue opportunities: A hard look at ways to monetise environmental deliverables on-farm 

Michael is a farm manager from Shropshire, a 2020 Soil Farmer of the Year finalist and a co-founder of the Green Farm Collective (GFC), a farmer owned company set up to trade natural capital. His zero till arable crops are grown with a focus on plant health and minimising synthetic inputs. Biology, manure, cover crops and correct nutrition allow him to farm this way. He grows a diverse range of combinable crops including milling wheat, malting barley, and quinoa among others. Farming operations extend to 1700 acres on a mixture of land owned, contract farmed and grazing licensed. The GFC aims to bring as many like minded farmers together as possible to encourage more rapid development of regenerative farming practices by sharing ideas, and to be able to trade carbon and biodiversity at a premium level.

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