Mark Tucker

Mark Tucker

Marketing and agronomy manager, Yara

Trusting data: How tech adoption could be key to controlling fertiliser costs

Following achieving a degree in Agricultural Botany at Reading University in 1989, Mark worked as a commercial agronomist in the agricultural supply industry, advising farmers on both plant protection and crop nutrition for 10 years. Following this he spent two years as an independent agronomist for Aubourn Farming in Norfolk. In 2002 Mark joined Yara UK Ltd as their Company Agronomist, directing the agronomic policies, R & D, and interacting with the marketing function. In 2011 he completed The Frank Arden Nuffield Scholarship titled ‘Life after Manufactured Fertilizer – Nitrogen’. In 2012 he became the Chief Agronomist for Yara BU North and East Europe which has given him experience with other crops, including Soybean, and precision farming developments in agricultural environments from Russia, Ukraine, The Baltics, Finland and the Nordic region. In September 2015 he returned to Yara UK and is currently the Marketing and Agronomy Business Manager.

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