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Clive Blacker

Clive Blacker

Precision Farming Specialist, Aganalyst
Clive comes from a farming background and is a Nuffield scholar, with over 25 years’ experience working with precision farming technologies in research and deployment on farms including his own. He has spent many years working at the cutting edge of precision farming and soil science through the business he founded, Precision Decisions, and has worked on innovative projects such as the Hands-Free Farm and worked with the Mars Rover adapting applications for agriculture. He has travelled extensively around the world as the UK Precision Agriculture specialist for the Department of International Trade as an ambassador for Precision Agriculture. His current focus is with AgAnalyst to support farmers to make better use of their data, with a specific focus on Nitrogen use efficiency. Nitrogen is becoming more political and AgAnalyst are leading a consortium to support farmers to measure Efficiency and utilise Nitrogen more effectively supporting reductions in Carbon liabilities and improving Nitrogen balances, including the farm balance sheet. 
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