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Smart Farming Hub

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Are Bioinsecticides the Future

29 Nov 2023
Smart Farming Hub
Are Bioinsecticides the Future

UPL launches its Smart Farming Hub at CropTec this year focusing on being more sustainable thereby being better for the environment and better on farm.

UPL will host the Smart Farming Hub on their stand at CropTec this year. Visitors will also discover more about their Natural Plant Protection (NPP) range of biosolutions, allowing farmers to reduce reliance on traditional chemical pesticides without compromising efficacy or yield.

NPP was first launched at last year’s CropTec. Looking ahead to spring agronomy programmes, their flagship bio-fungicides Thiopron (sulphur) and Iodus (laminarin) will feature prominently. UPL’s technical experts will be on hand to advise farmers and agronomists about how to best use them in combination with conventional chemistry for cost-effective disease control.

Miles Taylor, Technical Development Manager Bio-insecticide 

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