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13 Jun 2024

Digital combinable crops passport to replace the current paper passport

Digital combinable crops passport to replace the current paper passport
The Digital Passport Leadership Group has announced updates to the business case for digital passports, addressing concerns from farmers and industry representatives regarding funding, technical support, and options for farmers without smartphones or computers.

Shift in focus 

The focus has shifted from comparing the digital passport to the current paper system to evaluating whether a single, universal digital passport is preferable to multiple systems introduced by larger processors and merchants.

Digital grain passports 

The digital passport will replicate the current paper system with two key additions: live assurance checks during grain collection and delivery, and the digital transfer of weight and quality data from recipient to supplier.

Consultation and feedback 

In late 2023, the group published a business case, and the NFU sought feedback from its members. This extensive feedback, combined with input from the supply chain, has been used to refine the business case.

Internet connectivity solutions 

Without internet, data will transfer between devices using QR codes, ensuring logistics are not delayed and the system updates once the device regains a data signal.


Grant funding will be sought for the initial build, development, rollout, and running costs. For ongoing costs, an agreement with the AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds sector council will be pursued, using a combination of the AHDB levy and additional grants.

Support for farmers without technology 

A helpdesk will be available for farmers without computers or smartphones, assisting with registration and passport creation.

Technical support 

Support mechanisms will be in place for device issues, including the ability to log in using any digital device. Users can download passports as PDFs and email them, ensuring flexibility during system or local issues. Any passport created can be accessed by other users within the same business.

Farmers are encouraged to review the business case and share their views with NFU board members in their region.

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