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2021 seminar programme

Bringing together practical know-how and scientific research from UK farmers and industry experts, The CropTec Show’s extensively researched seminar sessions are specifically designed to provide an ideal platform for growers to future-proof their business.

The 2022 programme will be announced closer to the event – sign up for updates to hear first!

Meet our 2021 speakers

Soil health

9:25 -10:15am


Crop nutrition

11:00 – 11:50am


Regenerative agriculture



Crop protection

2:00 – 2:50pm

All seminar sessions will run on both days of the event


Soil Health

SESSION CHAIR: Jane Rickson, professor of soil erosion and conservation, Cranfield University

Dr Elizabeth Stockdale, head of farming systems research, NIAB

Soil health remains a central focus of agricultural policy and an integral part of the new Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) – but what do healthy soils look like on your farm and how can they contribute to carbon management? What practical steps can growers take to build a healthy soil system that taps into agri-environment financial support and boosts productivity?

Thomas Gent, Founder Gentle Farming and Head of carbon credit sales for Agreena

The resilience of our soils is a crucial part of long term, sustainable agriculture. Farmer Thomas Gent shares his perspective on the latest mechanical and biological soil management techniques implemented on his farming operation in South Lincolnshire in an effort to tackle the challenges presented by environmental extremes.


Crop Nutrition


SESSION CHAIR: Mark Tucker, Business development and head of agronomy, Yara

Sponsored by YARA

Dr Daniel Kindred, head of agronomics and crop physiology research scientist, ADAS

Nitrogen use efficiency is seen as a key driver of improving farming’s carbon footprint but what does smarter N use look like? How can we regulate N losses and make better use of available nitrogen? With targeted and sustainable crop nutrition programmes often being seen as providing equitable solutions to environmental challenges, crop research scientist Daniel Kindred will share his expertise on how to make better use of available nitrogen. With efficient precision application a Sustainable Farming Initiative action, this session will also look at how new technology could deliver profitable solutions for growers.

Dr Ruben Sakrabani, Associate Professor in Soil Chemistry, Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute

This session will see expert Dr Ruben Sakrabani provide growers and agronomists with an insight into the potential value of organomineral fertilisers and their role in crop nutrition programmes.


Regenerative agriculture


SESSION CHAIR: Harry Farnsworth, sustainable agriculture projects lead, Control Union UK

Sponsored by Horsch

Speakers: Ed Horton, Ben Taylor-Davies “Regen Ben” & Will Goff

Regenerative agriculture potentially offers solutions to pressing challenges around soil health, climate change resilience and sustainability, but scepticism remains around the impact on financial viability. While it is widely acknowledged that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to adoption, growers continue to ask: what does the road to regenerative agriculture look like in practice?

Drawing on the guidance and expertise provided by a cross-section of farmer case studies, we will take a look at what this systems approach means for productivity and profitability on farm, explore the barriers to uptake, and take a hard look at the numbers to ask: does regenerative agriculture pay?


Crop protection

SESSION CHAIR: Chris Hartfield, Senior regulatory affairs adviser, NFU

James Mayes, Agronomy Manager, Sentry Ltd

With an independent pesticide regulatory regime now in operation following the UK’s departure from the EU, our speaker will share their expertise to take a look at the potential implications for farmers and agronomists.

Hazel Doonan, head of agronomy and crop protection sector, Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC)

The last 12 months has seen the loss of several key crop protection active ingredients, a trend that is set to continue. Pointing to the many challenges the industry currently faces in producing food, alongside environmental and societal constraints, leading expert Hazel Doonan will offer some solutions and explore how new approaches, including IPM and biologicals, could be sufficient to ensure crops are protected safely and profitably.

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