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Seminar Programme

Each of the CropTec Show’s extensively researched seminar sessions bring together practical know-how; science, research and new technology designed to help growers remain profitable.

No matter how tedious hearing about Brexit has become or how difficult profitable farming and the environmental balancing act is, at least UK farmers appreciate that managing their businesses for the long term not only requires understanding what the future holds but how to adapt to change.

The CropTec Show 2018, with the seminar sessions at its heart, will provide the ideal platform to help this important sector of UK agriculture plan for a long-term, profitable future despite some short-term political decisions.

With experts from leading organisations, don’t miss this opportunity to improve your competitive edge and profitability with help from some of the best speakers in the industry.

Day one seminars, 28th November 2018

View the full details of the day one seminars, 28th November 2018.

day one seminars

Day two seminars, 29th November 2018

View the full details of the day two seminars, 29th November 2018.

day two seminars



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