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Seminar Programme

The CropTec show’s technical seminar programme has been extensively researched with the farming community, key suppliers and stakeholders and covers the four key areas impacting on profitability: crop establishment, nutrition, protection and breeding. The common message running though each session is how science, research, new technology and knowledge exchange can help the UK’s crop producing farmers be profitable in the increasingly dynamic, uncertain and competitive world of global crop production. It’s all about benchmarking and the CropTec show’s seminar programme, in conjunction with its specialist hubs and targeted exhibits from leading suppliers, provides the ideal catalyst for more detailed discussion throughout the day.

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Day one seminar – 29th November 2017

View the full details of the day one seminar, 29th November 2017.

day one seminar

Day two seminar – 30th November 2017

View the full details of the day two seminar, 30th November 2017.

day two seminar


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