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SoilMania - Soil Health Sensors

Sorbus Intl Ltd Hall: 2 Stand information: 852
  • SoilMania - Soil Health Sensors
  • SoilMania - Soil Health Sensors
  • SoilMania - Soil Health Sensors
SoilMania - Soil Health Sensors SoilMania - Soil Health Sensors SoilMania - Soil Health Sensors

Sorbus International are now the UK exclusive distributor for Soilmania products and services.


Soilmania has a team of experts in soil, soil life, and trees. Analysis, advice, and monitoring are their specialties. Explore Soilmania's IoT sensors in this product brochure. 


IoT sensors for soil monitoring 

 Key advantages of all sensors: 

  • Reliable measurements through careful calibration. 
  • The housing can be installed completely underground, making it invisible if desired (ideal for use in public spaces). 
  • Flexible cable from 3 meters: measurement probes can be precisely installed where root growth is desired. 
  • Plug and play connection to the cloud via mobile networks. 
  • Worldwide high coverage. 
  • Rechargeable batteries. 
  • Components are replaceable individually. 
  • Custom visualisation available upon request in addition to default dashboards. 
  • Sensor data is translated into actionable insights as much as possible. 
  • Notifications via SMS or email when action is required. 


Moisture (Optimal Watering) 

Optimal watering pays off in spades. Crops and trees with sufficient water experience optimal root growth. They are also better able to form symbiotic relationships with soil life. As a result, both the crop/tree and the soil life are more vigorous, healthier, and less susceptible to diseases and pests. This translates into lower cultivation or maintenance costs and higher yields. 

Insufficient moisture results in root death and the dying off or encapsulation of soil life. When soil moisture levels are restored, the crop/tree must repeatedly draw from its reserves to create new roots and reestablish the symbiosis with soil life. 

Provide the right amount of water at the right time for optimal growth! 


 Multi (Optimal Watering and the Right Nutrient Balance) 

Similar to the moisture sensor, the multi-sensor also measures soil moisture. In addition, it measures soil temperature and the salt content (EC) of the soil. The combination of moisture percentage and EC provides an indication of whether there are sufficient nutrients in the soil. Based on this data, it becomes clear whether nutrient supplementation is necessary. For example, short-term supplementation can be achieved by adding organic liquid fertilizers, while long-term supplementation can be achieved by adding compost varieties in combination with rock dust varieties. This stimulates soil life. 

Excess EC in the soil, caused by the presence of salt (NaCl), is harmful to trees, plants, and all soil life. A high NaCl content disrupts osmotic processes, making it difficult for trees, plants, and soil life to absorb sufficient moisture. By monitoring the salt content (EC) in the soil, problems with moisture uptake can be predicted. This provides the opportunity to buffer salts in the soil with humic and fulvic acids, a simple and cost-effective measure. This helps prevent salt damage. 

Take timely action when the salt content (EC) is too low or too high! 



SoilLife (Monitoring Soil Environment/Impact of Soil Improvement) 

The soil literally forms the foundation for the growth of trees and all other crops. The soil environment significantly determines soil and plant health. Soil pH and oxygen availability determine whether favorable microorganisms can develop in the soil or whether harmful types are favored for the plant. The availability of most nutrient elements is also closely related to the soil environment. 

SoilLife sensors provide real-time insights into the soil environment. This makes it possible to closely monitor the effect of soil improvement and other measures on the chemical and microbiological processes in the soil. Based on this information, actions can be taken to influence the soil environment, such as adjusting watering practices, aerating, adding nutrients, and pH adjustment, among others. 

Optimise the soil environment! 

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