Plant Breeding Hub

Limagrain are delighted to host the Plant Breeding Hub at CropTec 2021. Learn about the latest innovations in plant breeding and how they are being applied on farm. Presented by Limagrain’s plant breeding team, farmers, agronomists and industry experts.

Their technical experts will be on hand to answer your questions throughout the 2 days.

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Programme – Day One – 24th November

Increasing pulse crop yields through plant breeding

Will Pillinger, Limagrain

What are the latest developments in pulse breeding and how might these improve output and reduce risk on-farm in the future?

What could gene editing mean for plant breeding in the UK

Emma Wallington, NIAB

What is gene editing and how can it be adapted to meet the needs of the UK market?

Trait progression in oilseed rape breeding

Liam Wilkinson, Limagrain

How can minimising the use of nitrogen fertiliser and making the best use of organic materials significantly reduce your variable costs and carbon footprint?

Programme – Day Two – 25th November

How does varietal resistance impact on agronomic decision making?

Charles Wright, Farmacy

How important is varietal resistance to an agronomist when it comes to making decisions on the farm? What impact does it have on other considerations, such as drilling dates and fungicide recommendations?

The importance of plant breeding in a regenerative ag system

Jonathan Hodgson

Plant breeding plays a vital role in converting to a regenerative agriculture system. How does farm and farmer adapt and thrive under these changes?

Breeding diverse disease resistance in wheat

Rachel Goddard, Limagrain

With a variety taking up to 10 years to get to market from the initial cross, how can wheat breeders stay one step ahead of pathogen evolution?


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