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OSR Quality and Weed Management Hub

Making the most of OSR risk-reduction 

Reducing winter oilseed rape establishment, management and crop marketing risks is a key priority for growers across the country.

Alongside the most robust varieties and appropriate cultivation and drilling regimes, it is vital that every additional measure is taken to improve the crop’s chance of establishment success while controlling up-front costs.

At the same time, the importance of tackling volunteer OSR and cruciferous weed problems that can compromise spraying programmes, canopy management and harvestability cannot be under-estimated; all the more so given current erucic acid contamination penalties.

Our hub is designed to provide CropTec visitors with the best possible insight into  securing these valuable risk-reducing opportunities by making the most of the fastest-growing sector of modern winter rape production – the Clearfield system.

Supported by the country’s leading winter rape breeder, Dekalb, it brings together the latest understanding of the system, the progress made in introducing the CL trait into the most productive and robust OSR genetics, and the practical benefits being achieved in commercial practice.

Time Speaker
11:00 – 11:15

Tori Morgan
Combinable Crops Adviser, NFU

Erucic Acid
Key control points and Erucic acid contamination in OSR

13:00 – 13:15

Mark Shaw
Business Development Manager, Seeds & Traits UK, Monsanto

CL varieties and traits
How DEKALB varieties can support the grower with a combination of much sought-after hybrid traits

14:50- 15:05

Clare Tucker
Agronomy Manager, BASF

Weed control
Getting the toughest broadleaf weeds and grasses out of your fields, and long lasting weed control

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