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OSR Establishment Hub

After the hubs packed first appearance at The CropTec Show 2017, DEKALB are returning to for 2018 with their OSR Establishment hub.

The hub will feature a series of presentations from experts from inside and out of Dekalb, giving the latest advice and updates.  After a wet start to the year, followed by a summer of drought across the UK, DEKALB will focus on minimising soil movement ahead of sowing and the most effective consolidation immediately after, as well as delaying sowing until relatively late to be sure of sufficient soil moisture to support establishment and germination.

Regardless of soil type, establishment regime or sowing time, attention to detail in variety choice and sowing practice for the best establishment are the key factors distinguishing growers achieving higher than average OSR yields from those with more modest performance levels, according to the latest national study.

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