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University of Warwick

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  • | Precision Farming and Robotics
  • | Business / Advisory / Compliance and Agronomy
  • | Crop Protection
  • | Crop Nutrition
  • | Research & Development

WMG is a world-leading research and education group, transforming organisations and driving innovation through a unique combination of collaborative research and development and pioneering education programmes. 

As an international role model for successful partnerships between academia and the private and public sectors, WMG develops advancements nationally and globally in applied science, technology and engineering to deliver real impact to economic growth, society and the environment.

WMG’s education programmes focus on lifelong learning of the brightest talent, from the WMG Academies for Young Engineers, degree apprenticeships, undergraduate and postgraduate, through to professional programmes.

An academic department of the University of Warwick and a centre for the HVM Catapult, WMG was founded by the late Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya in 1980 to help reinvigorate UK manufacturing and improve competitiveness through innovation and skills development.

Meanwhile, the University of Warwick's Life Sciences division is at the forefront of driving innovations in science, technology, and engineering for the industrial and agricultural sectors.

What sets us apart is the convergence of WMG's rich legacy in robotics expertise and the Life Sciences division's profound impact on bioscience research. When these two powerhouses collaborate, the result is a distinctive partnership that catalyzes groundbreaking progress in the agricultural technology sector.

Visit our stand and join us on this journey of innovation and research where collaboration, expertise, and excellence converge to shape a brighter future.


WMG (Finance Processing) University of Warwick, 6, Lord Bhattacharyya Way,
West Midlandss
United Kingdom

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