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NavigatePro is a simple, but comprehensive, nutrient planning tool for advisers, agronomists and farmers. This exciting new software integrates fertilisers and manures to produce a complete nutrient management plan. Uniquely it links to both the arable and grassland RB209 API to automatically remain up to date with current fertiliser thinking. 

Whilst RB209 provides the default guidance, the software offers advisers and agronomists the flexibility to base plans on alternative guidance systems and input specific analytical data, such as soil, manure, and fertiliser analyses. The resulting nutrient management plans will then be tailored to meet specific farm/field requirements.

NavigatePro simplifies nutrient management planning allowing advisers to provide farmers with simple action plans that support sustainable nutrient choices which leads to better product choice.

Making sure a farm is NVZ compliant can be a lengthy and demanding process, especially on livestock farms where stock numbers are high.  NavigatePro has been designed to make Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) compliance reporting simple, timely and easy to accomplish.


Kiln House, Newton Lane, Tattenhall,
United Kingdom
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