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Visit D&H Direct provide the solution for storing and pumping any liquid anywhere. 

Visit us on stand 2-452

BioFilters are a cost-effective solution for breaking down pesticides found in farm sprayer areas that left untreated could potentially enter water bodies or affected local eco-systems. The BioFilter works by passing dirty water through organic materials, such as compost, straw, or wood chips, which act as a support matrix for beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms break down pesticides into less harmful substances through a process called biodegradation.

Septic Tank waste management is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment and preventing the spread of diseases. D&H Direct supply a range of septic tanks providing an efficient way to manage farm waste, including animal manure and other organic matter. By collecting and storing waste in a controlled manner, septic tanks help prevent the contamination of soil, water sources, and nearby ecosystems.

Transportable Tanks for Diesel Petrol & AdBlue. Popular with farmers, helping to keep the tractor on the move without having to refuel back at the farm, transportable tanks are available in a range of sizes and configurations, allowing the ability to transport fuel/liquids directly to where it is needed. Easily loaded onto trucks or trailers enabling efficient distribution to remote or temporary sites.

Catch D&H Direct - stand 2-452 and see how we can help your business.





Deerfileds, Lynn Road, Setchley, Kings Lynn, Peterborough
Kings Lynn
United Kingdom

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  • D&H Direct have been in business for over 40 years serving British agriculture, manufacturing and installing pumps and tanks for farmers. D&H Direct have the solution for storing, pumping, and dispens ...
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  • ...effectively prevented the pesticides from contaminating water sources.


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