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AminoA Biostimulants for all crops

Using AminoA products boosts yield and quality resulting in a positive return on investment and increased profits.

AminoA products are designed to...

  • Increase root development
  • Improve leaf and bud development
  • Stimulate blossom, formation and growth of fruit
  • Increase resistance to stress by cold, heat, drought, and agrochemical phytotoxicity

100% Organic Products

AminoA Products are highly concentrated crop bio-stimulants. Developed from a concentrate of totally natural 100% L-α amino acids through enzymatic hydrolysis.

High Nutritional Value

With their high content of Nitrogen (N), natural Potassium (K), readily available Iron (Fe) and Magnesium (Mg), AminoA products also have a nutritional mode of action which complements the main biostimulant effect.


Nant-Yr-Ochain, Michaelston-F-Fedw
South Wales
United Kingdom
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  • AminoA bio-stimulants - The one-stop shop for amino acid based products for all sectors
  • Efficacy of AminoA BLAAZT

    11 Aug 2023 Richard Phillips
    AminoA Drone Footage - efficacy of AminoA BLAAZT (silent film)
  • Realising the potential of amino acids to stimulate plant growth


  • AminoA STAART

    11 Aug 2023 Richard Phillips
    Get your crops off to a flying STAART with new biological seed treatment
  • AminoA BLAAZT

    11 Aug 2023 Richard Phillips
    AminoA BLAAZT crop nutrition product - maximises nutrient uptake while reducing nitrate run-off
  • AminoA FLO

    11 Aug 2023 Richard Phillips
    A highly concentrated natural biostimulant and nutrient source
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