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23 Oct 2023

Blackjak: The Ace Amongst the Biostimulant Pack

Sipcam UK Ltd Hall: 2 Stand information: 602
Blackjak: The Ace Amongst the Biostimulant Pack
Pictured: Benefit of in-furrow application of Blackjak at 3.0L/ha for tuber uniformity and yield

Blackjak contains Lonardite which is high in beneficial organic fractions including Humic, Fulvic, Ulmic acids and Humins. These fractions are known to promote root growth and shoot development in addition to significant uptake of key nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. 

In potato crops, phosphorus can often be difficult to access, particularly at the early development stage which is where inclusion of Blackjak has shown to improve marketable yield. Although historically used as a foliar application, Blackjak has proven to be a useful as an in-furrow application. Independent UK trials on behalf of Sipcam UK have shown that in-furrow application at 3.0L/ha improved marketable yield by over 20%. Chris Menzies, Biosolutions Specialist for Sipcam UK explained “The yield benefits seen from the in-furrow application has been consistent across several years under varying conditions. The inclusion of Blackjak has shown to improve crop metabolism creating stronger root systems, improving crop resilience in drought stress situations.” He continues “This improved resilience where Blackjak has been used in-furrrow has ultimately contributed to better yield and quality of the harvested tubers.”

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