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26 Oct 2023

BioFilter Installation

D&H Direct Hall: 2 Stand information: 452
BioFilter Installation
BioFilter System Installation

BioFilters are a cost-effective solution for breaking down pesticides found in farm sprayer areas that left untreated could potentially enter water bodies or affected local eco-systems.

Upon receiving a customer's request for an affordable method to dispose of waste pesticides, D&H Direct promptly suggested utilising the BioFilter BioBox system as an effective solution. Recognising its suitability, the customer proceeded with purchasing the system. Additionally, the customer specifically requested D&H Direct's installation team to handle the installation process to ensure a seamless and prompt setup. Responding to this, the installation team was dispatched to the site and successfully completed the installation within a single working day. Our customer was provided with a fully functional system that effectively prevented the pesticides from contaminating water sources.

Jayden Davies

D&H Direct Technical & Installation Manager

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