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The central point for exhibitors in the run-up to The CropTec Show.


Download the Exhibitor manual and all essential forms

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Helping you to get the best out of the event

Use our promotional tools to support your sales and marketing campaigns ahead of CropTec and help publicise your presence at the event. Exhibitors who promote their presence prior to events frequently gain more interest, therefore helping to make the most of your investment.


Easy ways to promote your presence at CropTec

Official graphics

Promote your presence at CropTec by using either one of the generic graphics which you can download at the bottom of this page, or request a personalised graphic. To request a personalized graphic, email Ed with your logo, company name and stand number.

Post your content onto the CropTec blog

Send your news, press releases, product launch news, trial results and any other content you want to promote ahead of CropTec to edward.seed@agriconnect.com and it will be shared on the CropTec blog. We share as many of these blogs as possible on social media too! View the CropTec blog here.

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