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08 Oct 2023

R-Leaf - Novel Nitrogen Fertilisation for Crops

Crop Intellect Ltd Hall: 1 Stand information: 244

R-Leaf® is easily applied using standard spraying equipment, and it can be mixed with most agrochemical inputs. With 500g of specially processed photocatalytic material, this EC fertilizer contains crucial elements like Zn, Mo, and Mn, often deficient, especially in cereals, ensuring robust yield security.

For optimal results, apply R-Leaf® at a recommended dosage of 1lt/ha during the T1 and T2 stages in cereals. This coincides with the production of NOx from soil-applied nitrogen and provides the right foliage conditions for R-Leaf® application. The T2 application is particularly crucial because newly grown leaves can overshadow the sprayed ones, reducing efficiency.

R-Leaf® actively captures soil-derived NOx and converts it to nitrate, supplying a consistent source of nitrogen to the crop daily. This can potentially reduce the need for bulk nitrogen applications.

R-Leaf® offers additional benefits that contribute to higher crop yields.

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