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28 Nov 2023


AminoA Ltd Hall: 1 Stand information: 326

Importance of frost protection in soft and
top fruit

AminoA ICEAAX is a natural plant bio-stimulant
helping to minimise or eliminate crop damage caused
by late frosts, by stimulating the production of natural
plant Anti-Freeze Protein (AFP) in flowering fruit crops.

AminoA ICEAAX was developed out of specific
demand from a grower who had seen their apple
and pear orchards wiped out by frost. Losses can
be catastrophic in flowering crops such as apples
and pears.

While frost injury rarely causes complete crop loss
in soft fruit such as strawberries, flower buds are
particularly susceptible to frost injury any time after
bud break.Flowering vines are also vulnerable to frost
damage. By applying at flowering, immediately before a
frost event, AminoA ICEAAX lowers the freezing point
of the cell cytoplasm, enabling the crop to resist the
late frost.

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