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28 Nov 2023


AminoA Ltd Hall: 1 Stand information: 326

AminoA FULVAAC, a 70% fulvic acid powder
designed to optimise crop nutrition

AminoA FULVAAC enhances nutrient uptake,
improves soil health, and boosts overall plant
performance to increase crop yield and quality.

What is fulvic acid?

  • Fulvic acid is a natural organic compound derived
  • from humus, the organic component of soil
  • It is formed through the decomposition of plant and
  • animal matter by microbes over thousands or even
  • millions of years
  • Fulvic acid is the smallest molecular structure of
  • humic material and is particular suited to foliar
  • applications
  • Fulvic acid is rich in essential nutrients, trace
  • minerals, and beneficial microbial activity

The benefits of AminoA FULVAAC
Enhanced Nutrient uptake:

Fulvic acid in AminoA FULVAAC acts as a chelating
agent, improving the availability and uptake of
essential nutrients by plants. ’Chela’ is a Greek word
meaning claw.

Fulvic acids have functional groups that act as claws,
holding mineral ions strongly enough to keep them
from reacting with each other, but weakly enough
so that they can be released to the plant cells on

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