Selling at the event – A guide for exhibitors

1: Get out there! work the room and walk around the exhibiton to get a feel for who else is out there and how they compete

2: Stand in front of the stand and not behind it. Have something in your hand to show or give away. Egnage and ask lots of questions to qualify their potential as customers

3: Have a question or observation ready ‘What brings you to the show today?’ ‘What brought you you across to our stand’

4: Don’t forget to introduce yourself

5: Get the details of the person you are talking to

6: Be careful not to judge people by the badge they are wearing often people are not specific on these so talk to them

7: When talking to people think about what is important to them and their business. Build rapport with them to help resonate further

8: When talking about your business use USP’s not to mention proof and testimonials

9: Have something fun and interesting on the stand such as a competition. Tie it in with post show activity.

10: Use SEALE, when talking think Smile, Eye contact, Acknowledge, Listen and Engage.