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Data & Analytics Hub

Exploring the possibilities and profit-earning potential of using and analysing your farm data has never been more appropriate.

Given the challenges facing the arable sector in the run-up to and post-Brexit, a detailed review of your business’s enterprise gross margins together with analysing and forecasting your fixed costs is the only way to see explore the best route ahead. Whether its soil or nutrient mapping or machinery and labour operating costs you are interested in, it will pay to visit CropTec’s new Data and Analytic Hub.


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Philip Briscoe
‎Chief Operating Officer, Rezatec

Farming from space:
How can space data provide growers with tools to optimise and forecast production yields?
How do food processors have greater control over production processes and supply chains?
How can big data sets (including satellite data) provide macro and micro decision support tools?

Peter Palmer
Sales and Development, Prodata Weather Systems

Environmental Monitoring Solutions – Turning Anticipations into Predictions
Buyers and growers know the weather represents the greatest opportunity, and risk, in the agriculture sector. The use of historic climate and weather data with local field-specific crop data
turns anticipations into predictions.

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