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Crop Protection

It is safe to say the arable industry in 2021 faces more challenges than ever. This is a trend that continues to transform the way farmers work across the country.

This November, trusted industry insiders will be providing essential crop protection advice, spreading the latest news and insights that are not to be missed!

Crop Protection Features

Crop Protection Seminar and features

With Great Britain in the process of transitioning to an independent regulatory regime for pesticides, policy experts will shine a much-needed light on the threats and opportunities faced by growers and advisers in a new era for crop protection

  • Navigating pesticides regulation post-Brexit: how can growers prepare to offset changes? – James Mayes – Agronomy Manager, Sentry Ltd in the Crop Protection Seminar
  •  Managing the losses: will new approaches ensure effective and profitable crop protection? – Hazel Doonan – Head of Agronomy and Crop Protection, AIC in the Crop Protection Seminar

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Sprayer Demonstrations

We have a fantastic line-up of 10 sprayers, giving you the exclusive opportunity to compare 10 sprayers first-hand, in one place. Experience a test drive with dedicated experts who will guide you through the ins and outs of the models that suit your needs. Check out the line-up below and take a step towards better crop protection.

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Crop Protection Exhibitors

Protecting crops and the environment go hand in hand. That’s why it’s crucial to learn the latest best practices in crop health and which actives keep the pests at bay. Take a closer look at our exhibitors offering their products & services at The CropTec Show.

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