Cost Management Hub

The cost management hub will feature new and exciting seminar discussions and the content-driven hub will provide unmissable insight into reducing unit costs of production, new technology and cutting edge agronomy.

Visitors to the AHDB stand will be able to meet with technical teams and learn more about latest research and opportunities to get involved in knowledge exchange.

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What really effects your bottom line?

Mark Topliff, Lead Analyst &Prof. Jonathan Storkey, Agro-ecologist

What are the key drivers of yield? Can we quantify and measure how much is down to environmental factors and how much to crop management? This session will shed some light on the truths and myths on yield and the variables.

Why carbon matters to your money

Harley Stoddart, Senior Agri-environment Scientist

Is carbon farming just a new buzzword or the future for so many farm businesses especially as they are challenged to support reaching net-zero targets. Learn more about how you can prepare to take advantage of new policies and schemes.

How to optimise nitrogen use and reduce your carbon footprint

James Holmes, Senior Environmental Scientist

Minimising the use of nitrogen fertiliser and making best use of organic materials could significantly reduce your variable costs and carbon footprint.

Investing in machinery to cut costs. Is it possible?

Harry Henderson, Knowledge Exchange Manager

Reducing soil movement, should reduce costs. But does it? What should you consider when investing in system change on your farm?


Mark Topliff & Prof. Jonathan Storkey

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Harley Stoddart

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James Holmes

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Harry Henderson
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