Why is nutrient use efficiency important?

Making the most out of crop nutrition, and producing more food with less inputs, is the major challenge facing UK farmers over the next decade. Increasingly, farmers will need to focus on making the most efficient use of nutrients for both arable and grassland production. This means ensuring crops have an adequate supply of all the nutrients they need that are essential to optimise yields.

Capturing the value of natural capital

As a farm’s environmental credentials become as important as the food it produces, an independent tech new entrant is seeking a solution for farmers to quantify and demonstrate their efforts in promoting natural capital. Alice Dyer reports.

Testing mixtures ahead of ELMs

The weed control challenges associated with establishing stewardship mixes is one of the topics being investigated at a new trials site in Cambridgeshire. Marianne Curtis reports.

Sponsorship: Advertising, thought-leadership, content and more

Sponsorship: Advertising, thought-leadership, content and more One your stand is booked, you may want to consider sponsorship or branding in order to help reach your goals. If you have specific KPI's to reach by attending CropTec, sponsorship and advertising can help with this. Do you need to reach and engage [...]

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