August: Time to harvest crops and data

August is such an important month with harvest naturally the number one priority. But don’t miss the data gathering opportunity that this time presents as data that underpins your crop nutrition strategy can be part of your ‘Reflect & Review’ process in crop management:

Bourgault VOS: A game changer?

Min till/no till crop establishment has sparked the interest of many who desire more sustainable farming practices with reduced input costs. Bourgault Tillage Tools’s Versatile Opener System (VOS) has been designed to meet these objectives, offering minimal soil disturbance and reduced wear rates at a lower cost per hectare.

Tools to take cover with

The benefits of cover crops are being explored by many growers, but careful management is needed to ensure residues do not hamper the following crop. Jane Carley gets guidance on destruction principles and looks at tools for the job.

Aphid ‘barrier’ could help beat virus yellows

As crop pests and extreme weather put sugar beet under pressure, BBRO’s BeetField20 Virtually Live online events provided growers with some pointers to adapting to the changing meteorological and political climate. Alice Dyer and Marianne Curtis report.