Praising weed diversity

Praising weed diversity How does tillage influence weed composition and diversity? An EU-funded project has been investigating. Watch out for different weeds to those you are used to if you are embarking on a new management approach, such as no-till establishment. That is one of the key [...]

Band-aid for weed control?

Band-aid for weed control? Mechanical weed control is making a comeback on some farms, but what about combining it with in-row herbicides? Could a combination of camera-guided inter-row hoeing and banded in-row applications of selective herbicides be the future for grassweed control on-farm? That is what NIAB duo [...]

Is new kit the answer to fu ture weed control?

Is new kit the answer to fu ture weed control? Machinery companies are bringing new technology to help growers with weed control. We take a look at some of the emerging solutions. The two Rs, resistance and regulation, are combining to reduce the effectiveness of the chemical-based weed [...]

Drilling date dilemma

Drilling date dilemma High nitrogen prices are causing a dilemma for one Oxfordshire estate’s usual weed control practices.   Delay winter wheat drilling for its positive impact on grassweed control or drill earlier to potentially help develop a better root system that will increase nitrogen use efficiency – [...]

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