PES Technologies

PES Technologies PES has developed a handheld soil "odour scanner" that provides in-field results to a mobile phone in 5 minutes. It is currently being trained on 14 soil health characteristics

Farmers Guardian

Farmers Guardian Farmers Guardian is a trusted source of farming news, business & politics. No farm is complete without their copy subscribe today with one of our unique subscription packages!


AgriTech Recruitment for the AgriTech sector; covering roles in tech, science, engineering, commercial, senior leadership and more

YC Agro Ltd

YC Agro Ltd YC Agro is a leading agrochemical company with strong manufacture base in China. We are developing high-quality crop protection products. Petrichorfi Metribuzin 70% WG and Thaliafi Fluroxypyr 200 g/l EC are available. Welcome and meet us at CropTec.

Thomas Bell & Sons Ltd

Thomas Bell & Sons Ltd Importers, manufacturers and suppliers of high quality fertilisers. Our product range includes Granular & Prilled Ammonium Nitrate, Granulare & Prilled Urea, Compounds and Blends.


RH3S RH3S develops and produces mobile soil sensor systems for precision agriculture purposes


RAGT Seeds UK RAGT Seeds breeds, produces and sells seeds all over the world. Discover a range of seed varieties you can have total confidence in

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