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Brexit Zone

With the UK due to leave the European Union in less than a year, there is still much uncertainty surrounding a domestic agricultural policy, labour availability and future trading relationships.

But there is no doubt Brexit will bring many opportunities, as well as challenges, for farmers in the combinable crops sector.

Attendees to the CropTec show will learn not only how to weather those challenges, but also how to grab the opportunities with both hands.

Our business and technical content is designed to help farmers reduce unit production costs in order to remain competitive in the increasingly dynamic, global marketplace in the run-up to and post-Brexit.

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Exhibitors at The CropTec Show appreciate and sympathise with the current state of the market and understands the possible implications of the complex changes which lie ahead.

Need expert advice to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of brexit? Use the CropTec Show as an opportunity to get one-to-one advice from an expert.

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