White Air Solutions Enter the High Care Food Prep Sector

White Air Solutions have recently installed one of our large machines in a high care food preparation area. Our machines not only remove Ethylene and other VOC gases but they also remove viruses, pathogens, bacterial and fungal spores creating a clean environment.

Our machines have multiple benefits within a storage and preparation environment by not only prolonging shelf life but also preventing disease.

The Effect of Our Technology – Pathogen Removal

White Air Solutions have conducted a trial which involved the University of Lincoln. The trails aim was to look at fungal, bacterial and moulds alongside ethylene production in a treated and non-treated environment. The treated environment contained one of our PCO machines and the non-treated didn’t.

Over a number of weeks samples were taken in random locations in both storage environments and sent for microbiological testing and as blow have shown some very positive results for us and our machines.

First results taken from a trial for long-term storage:

Samples BC3 – from a non-treated environment

Samples AC3 – from a treated environment using White Air Solutions’ PCO technology.

Pathogen Control

Viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens have continual re-infection sources coming into their environments so require constant elimination. All require an extremely clean environment to prevent pathogens contaminating the people, equipment and food.

Our system is not a replacement for active infection control of surfaces but will rapidly reduce airborne infection and stop further contamination of rooms and the people in them.

We can supply units that will give good levels of control in general areas but in areas requiring exceptional control we can increase the filtration rates per/hr and the germicidal UV intensity.

The PCO process is extremely safe and works 24h/day with very minimal maintenance.

A very cost-effective method of pathogen control for clinical and high-care environments.

Odour control is another benefit that may be relevant to your working environment.

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