White Air Solutions at The CropTec Show

White Air Solutions have developed a new PCO (photocatalytic oxidisation) machine that removes ethylene and other VOC gases from the atmosphere which can extend the storage and shelf life of fresh produce and flowers. The machines are used post-harvest and the technology is completely organic, the only bi-products produced are trace amounts Co2 and H2o. Our machines will add benefits to various supply chains that will prolong storage life, promote a healthy atmosphere, reduce waste and also reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

We have had various tests carried out with the PCO technology and have held tomatoes in storage for 8 weeks with very promising results, we have held potatoes in store for 6 months with no CIPC gas or mint oil treatment and will be looking to push this further this year. The potential this technology and our machines have for extending shelf and storage life is extremely exciting.

Please come and visit us as we will be demonstrating one of our machines on our stand and we will be happy to tell you more about us and our machines.

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