Video: Find out why you need to attend The CropTec Show from other farmers and experts

“Weed control is like a slalom race, so you’re nipping from side to side, you’re chopping and changing”

Dr Sarah Cook, Senior Research Consultant, ADAS – Speaking in the Crop Protection seminar

“We all produce crops, but we all do it our own individual way, going to CropTec and cherry picking what works for your system – it’s all there”

Jason Edwards, Arable Farmer in Cambridgeshire

“I think farmers will be surprised by the fact that you need to start with the basics”

Matt Ward, Agronomist and Services Leader, Farmacy – Speaking in the Crop Establishment Seminar

“We can address the challenges of profitability, productivity, sustainability and environmental protection through working together”

Dr Daniel Kindred, Head of Agronomics, ADAS – Speaking in the Crop Nutrition Seminar

“Working together we might find a way of working through the [OSR] challenges and getting you some higher yields”

Professor Steven Penfield, Group Leader, John Innes Centre – Speaking in the Crop Breeding Seminar

“It’s important for me to have a better understanding and express my views to the manufacturers”

Oliver Scott, Arable Manager at Thelveton Farms

“The one take-home message i’d like farmers to leave with is really asking themselves, why they grow what they grow?”

Cecilia Pryce, Head of Research, Shipping and Compliance, Openfield

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