UK Power Networks now accepts what 3 words

UK Power Networks distribute more than a quarter of the UK's electricity to the East of England, South East and London.

We are the first electricity distribution business to accept what3words location information.

To boost public safety we’re making it easier for members of the public to report the location of damaged overhead powerlines, or if you are in an emergency situation you can tell us the exact 3m x 3m location by using three words.

Contact with electricity results in serious injuries or even death.

Bad habits, rushing to get the job done, distractions,  tiredness and poor visibility can all impact on your safety.

Don't risk it - Go home safe after a days work.


Remember to:

  • Know the maximum reach of your vehicle
  • Mark overhead power lines and underground cables on your farm map and always tell visitors, contractors and staff where they are 
  • Stay alert and vigilant when using GPS or auto steer
  • ALWAYS look up and around before harvesting, using long objects, loading or unloading vehicles, using tipper wagons or trailers
  • Avoid stacking materials and crops too close to or under overhead power You may be putting others at risk.
  • Always assume overhead power lines are live
  • In an emergency call 0800 31 65 105 or simply 105
  • Visit the app store and download the what3words app onto your mobile phone 

To request your free vehicle cab stickers - go to

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