UK next stop for Agrifac Endurance II Demo Tour featuring
award winning plant-specific spraying technology AiCPlus

Sweeping across ten regions of the globe, the 8,000 litre Agrifac Endurance II self-propelled sprayer equipped with AiCPlus technology, will soon land in the UK for the final leg of the 2019 NEED Farming Demo Tour. After delivering the first Endurance II in the UK earlier this year, the Agrifac team will be demonstrating its brand new design features plus state-of-the-art technology to industry professionals for the very first time in September.

Starting in Cambridgeshire on Tuesday 17th September, the tour will then head up to Yorkshire on Wednesday 18th, before making its way back down South to Kent for the final tour date on Thursday 19th. With live demonstrations running from 10am until 2:30pm each day, guests will have the chance to get up-close and personal with the machine to discover the Agrifac ‘NEED Farming’ innovations for themselves. Developed based on observing, measuring and responding to differences in crops, soil, and other variables, the Agrifac NEED Farming concept is constructed to help the Farmer react to the individual needs of every single plant. Specifically targeting each individual plant, the touring Endurance II is fitted with Agrifac’s new AiCPlus camera system. With integrated Artificial Intelligence, this allows the machine to act upon the detected data through scanning and processing the crop which lies in front of the boom. Whereas previous spot spray systems were only suitable to detect biomass using infrared, AiCPlus uses RGB cameras that enable in-crop weed detection. The artificial intelligence software recognises and differentiates between background, crop and weeds.

As well as seeing the Endurance II and AiCPlus live in action, its predecessor and smaller member of the Agrifac self-propelled family, the Condor IV will also be taking to the field to show off StrictSprayPlus, StrictHeightPlus and other Agrifac ‘Brilliant Simple’ technologies. With Product Specialists and Technicians from the R&D team on hand throughout each of the tour dates, this is the one-stop information-packed event where all your questions can be fulfilled. Full hospitality will be provided throughout the day courtesy of Agrifac UK.

Join us in the field to discover the Agrifac ‘Brilliant Simple’ solutions for spraying on plant level. Registration for the event is now open at, with further details including full addresses of each host location to be released to at the beginning of September. We look forward to seeing you in the field.


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