The CropTec Show 2017

Join Drone AG this November at The CropTec Show – visit them on stand no. 96 in Hall 1

Registration is free for all those who pre-register before the event.

UK Drone Company Launches Next Generation End-To-End Drone Solution For Agriculture At CropTec 2017

Drone AG exhibiting on stand 96 in Hall 1

UK based DroneAG will be launching their first-to-market, latest generation M200 Agri Pro drone at CropTec 2017.

Integrated with the latest generation Slantrange 3p agri sensor, weatherproof and long-ranging with on-board, network-free, speedy data processing, the new system will have worldwide agricultural applications, particularly effective for R and D, trials and monitoring high value crops.

The exciting new set-up was developed and tested by DroneAG at their farm estate base where they offer agri-specific training with the new system package, creating a full end-to-end solution.

“This system combines the best-in-class DJI M200 drone and highly effective 3p multispectral sensor from Slantrange ” says DroneAG’s Jack Wrangham. “The industrial spec system can operate in more adverse environments than ever before, producing more of the most accurate data than before, in a shorter time – and process that data without an internet connection.”

“The UK weather won’t be such an issue with this system, “ said Jack. “and the information is quickly and easily obtained so data can be acted upon straight away.”

For more information on The Next Generation Multispectral Drone System, please see –

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