At Sencrop, we are a passionate team dedicated to making a real impact in agriculture.

  • Sencrop empowers ALL farmers to make the right decisions at the right time to improve their yields, and ultimately their way of life.
  • Sencrop allows agri-partners (resellers, chemical companies, technical centers, etc.) to spread their services with ultra-local information, and get a closer relationship with the farmers. 

Our solution gives farmers the ability to: 

  • View the current conditions of their fields in real time. 
  • Make better agronomic decisions thanks to ultra-local weather information. 
  • Have more interaction with their partners based on streaming data. 

Thanks to low-power, long-range networks, and affordable, connected sensors, in-field data streams continuously into the Sencrop cloud platform.
Sencrop has developed a web and mobile-based platform to:

  • View in-field ag-weather conditions in real time. 
  • Access or push alerts and decision-making tools. 
  • Connect and fuel in any agry-partners services based on in-field data.connected to in-field sensors.

Sencrop is dedicated to bringing valuable precision farming services to farmers everywhere.

  • Sencrop is compatible with all agronomic Decision support tools and disease models: data integration to cooperatives/merchant’s agronomic models (disease prediction, pest management, stage of plant growth, etc.). We allow agri-partners to spread their services. 
  • Sencrop is a collaborative platform enabling any farmer to share their data/observation with their ag-experts, partners or neighbours. 
  • Low-power, large area network: a young technology but a global trend. 

Today, Sencrop is building the largest customer base in Europe with powerful cloud and key partnerships.

Sencrop is particularly adapted to the potato growers and permits to predict the late blight disease, based on agronomic developed by key partners. 

Reduce the amount of back and forth trips a farmer make to spray its crops; offset treatments by several days if necessary: local data relayed from the connected ag-weather station in real time are invaluable for deciding how to treat crops when risk factors for disease are present. Late blight growth is stimulated by successive periods of warm weather and high humidity. Water on potato leaves prompts blight zoospores to germinate and causes plants to become infected.

Sencrop enables you to anticipate and program a system of simple alerts. Sencrop can fuel data into any decisionmaking tool that makes it possible to know the risk of the fields being infected by late blight at any time, based on weather forecasts, crop varieties, planting, and sprouting dates, overall health statuses and previous actions taken (treatments and irrigation, etc).

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