The CropTec Show – Sprayer test drives and new arable kit

A unique opportunity to test drive some of the latest sprayers from several leading manufacturers is once again set to be a popular draw at The CropTec Show.

CropTec’s outdoor sprayer demonstration feature was rated as excellent by 80% of visitors last year. As well as being able to try machines out on a one-to-one basis, visitors will also have dedicated time with an expert, providing an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast some of the most up-to date sprayers on the market. Simply visit a manufacturer’s stand in the exhibition hall to arrange a time.

In addition, growers will be able to get up close to a wide range of innovative novel machinery and equipment and gain an expert insight into their operation in the trade halls.

Sprayer demonstrations


Agrifac’s Condor 4 self-propelled sprayer includes some of the latest self-propelled sprayer technology. StrictSprayPlus incorporates single nozzle control with turn compensation using an electric shut off PWM spraying system to ensure every drop hits the right spot.

The Condor 4 is also fitted with StrictHeightPlus, Agrifac’s own boom-levelling system keeping the desired height to offer an exceptional performance to an already superior boom construction.


The Chafer Interceptor is claimed to bring new levels of efficiency and usability to the medium sized self-propelled market. A powerful 240hp Deutz engine coupled to the advanced Bosch Rexroth CVT transmission keeps fuel use low and ensures traction is maximised on individual wheels in all field conditions.

The operator’s environment is spacious, and comfortable, designed for maximum productivity. The machine offers market leading stability thanks to its low centre of gravity.

Fendt Rogator

The Fendt Rogator 600 self-propelled sprayer machine offers perfect boom position and ground following and a low centre of gravity. It comes with 3800/5000/6000-litre tank capacity and 500-litre clean water and an induction hopper with OptiFlow control centre.

The machine is fitted with a HydroStar CVT gearbox in combination with engine wheel hubs, while the Fendt VisionCab provides all-round vision, automatic climate control and maximum legroom.

Horsch Leeb

Horsch Leeb’s 5 LT is part of the LT trailed-sprayer range (4 LT, 5 LT and 6 LT) featuring plastic tanks with 4, 5 and 6,000 litre capacities respectively. All feature BoomControl Pro, an advanced system designed to keep the boom as close to the crop as possible, less than 40cm at up to 30kph over hilly terrain.

Three specification levels are available. Leeb LT boom widths range between 18m and 42m, with the new larger boom widths up to 42m also available for the Leeb GS. The ISOBUS operating concept is an in-house development and incorporates innovative functions that ease adjustment, operation and control of the machine. The optional steering axle uses its own gyroscope removing the need for cable or mechanical connection to the tractor.


Lite Trac’s latest multi-purpose tool carrier, the  LT350, is fitted with the Tier 4 Volvo 7.7 litre diesel engine, which provides 235kw (320hp) and high torque available at low RPM.

Further upgrades have been made to the transmission using the Allison 3000 unit, while a higher ground clearance and a new cab operating system will improve driver comfort and ease of operation.

The Lite Trac LT350 tool carrier can be supplied with a range of demount options including an 8,000-litre/36m sprayer.


McConnel’s new high-performance self-propelled crop sprayer, the Agribuggy A280, is being introduced at CropTec. Light, compact, and highly manoeuvrable, it is said to deliver a greater power to weight ratio and better fuel economy than any of its rivals.

Its unique low ground pressure design, just 8psi, enables operators to go where other sprayers can’t – working in wet conditions and tough terrain – allowing safe, productive working earlier and later in the year. Its positive mechanical drive and perfect weight distribution makes it one of the safest and most productive sprayers on the market.


The new Vicon iXtrack T trailed sprayers are developed with focus on a short, low and compact design in combination with intelligent electronics and ease of use, with tank sizes of 2600 to 4600 litres.

The 32-degree steering angle and 3.6m turning radius makes the iXtrack T very flexible and solid. The parallelogram combines optimal stability with soft boom balancing and limited vertical movement to minimise spray height deviations. The position of the tanks, hoses, valves and drains is optimised to minimise rest liquid.

New developments

John Deere will be highlighting new drill and mobile app developments to improve machine efficiency and productivity at lower operating costs.

The new ProSeries opener for the 750A All-Till drill will be available from January 2019 and can be retrofitted to existing machines. This replaces the 90 Series opener that has been a feature of the drill since its introduction in the mid-1990s.

The new opener is designed to provide even less soil disturbance, more consistent seeding depth, better seed to soil contact and improved slot closure for more even crop emergence and potentially higher yields. It also features only one grease point and increased wear life to minimise annual maintenance costs.

Equipment logistics, efficiency and productivity can all be improved by John Deere’s new MyOperations app, which allows users to see machine and field data remotely from their mobile phone or tablet and receive alerts on the go.

This free app means farmers and contractors can experience less downtime as well as reduce operating costs, by always knowing where machines are and what they are doing.

The app has been available initially to new S700 Series combine owners for the 2018 harvest season, to make initial combine optimisation even easier.

Information available within the app includes location history, which shows where all machines in a business have driven on that day, a wide range of machine measurements including engine utilisation and fuel levels, field maps and productivity data including areas worked, and annual crop summaries.

iXtrack T3 is the first of a new generation of high-tech trailed sprayers from Vicon making its CropTec debut. Available with 2,600 and 3,200-litre tank capacities, this all-new range has been engineered to deliver a low, short and highly manoeuvrable trailed sprayer. Boom options include the HSS steel boom from 18-30m, and the HAS aluminium boom from 21-24m.

Key to the design is a central frame produced from high strength, low alloyed heavy-duty steel. Specification includes a suspended parallelogram rear frame combining stability with soft boom balancing.

iXtrack T3 is fully ISOBUS compatible and with new iXspray hardware and software, operators can take advantage of an intuitive touchscreen with smart electronics. IsoMatch Grip adds further control, with up to 44 fully customisable functions available from a single joystick.

Kverneland’s new flagship model in the Exacta twin-disc fertiliser spreader range is also making its CropTec debut.

With high output, high speeds and high flow rates as the goal, TLX GEOspread benefits from a much larger CentreFlow distribution system, which sees the maximum flow rates boosted from 320kg/min up to 540kg/min, typically achieved at 16kph spreading at 40m.

CentreFlow manages the way fertiliser is distributed to the eight spreading vanes, accelerating material up to disc speeds through the dosing cup, preserving material quality.

This technique affords an even higher degree of accuracy with the TLX model, which remains intact when spreading at high application rates and at high forward speeds.

Hopper capacities extend from 1,875 to 3,900 litres, and the working width is from 24-40m.

Visitors to George Moate can find out how to Farm Smarter and book a free Tillerstar working demo for their farm.

The TillerStar is the world’s only one-pass tiller for root vegetables, potatoes and salad crops. In a single action it turns unprepared ground – including stubble – into beds ready for sowing.

Drip irrigation specialist Howseman Agriculture will be showing a prototype six-row drip-tape layer that recently won the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society Silver Award for Innovation at the 2018 Lincolnshire Show.

Howseman offers a unique service supplying and setting up drip irrigation systems for growers, delivering water savings of up to 30% compared with traditional hose reel systems. The company will also show an informative video at CropTec, which takes growers through the drip irrigation season, illustrating the practical operations and benefits.

The company can also offer hire-before-buy packages so growers can try the system before making a heavy capital investment. Howseman Agriculture was awarded the British Farming Awards 2018 Contractor Innovator of the Year.

White Air Solutions have developed a new PCO (photocatalytic oxidisation) machine that removes ethylene and other VOC gases from the atmosphere which can extend the storage and shelf life of fresh produce and flowers.

The machines are used post-harvest and the technology is completely organic, the only bi-products produced are trace amounts Co2 and H2o. Tests carried out with the PCO technology have held tomatoes in storage for eight weeks with very promising results. Potatoes have been held in store for six months with no CIPC gas or mint oil treatment.

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Spray evaluation

Growers and sprayer operators can see some of the latest developments in nozzle innovation and application techniques, including working demonstrations of the latest 90% Drift Reduction Technology, on the Syngenta stand.

New results of trials at the company’s network of Innovation Centres – along with its five-year Black-Grass Focus Site in Cambridgeshire – will demonstrate the crucial role of operators and application techniques to ensure sprays hit the target and deliver the optimum levels of control possible.

Silsoe Spray Applications Unit will demonstrate how it characterises the sprays produced by different nozzles using laser imaging, and how formulation affects the way the spray behaves on a leaf surface by showing the spreading of liquid droplets.

The performance of agrochemicals depends on the characteristics of the spray that is used, and how droplets behave on contact with the leaf or target surface. SSAU has many different techniques for evaluating these, used by nozzle manufacturers and the agchem industry.

The team will also answer visitors’ application questions, advising the best way to spray for a particular situation and highlighting the most important things to get right.

Soil compaction area

This area will demonstrate the problems that can arise from soil compaction and how to minimise them. It will highlight new tyre technology, featuring demonstrations from Michelin. Sand beds will highlight the differences in ground contact, footprint and soil compaction based on different tyre patterns and pressures.

Michelin will also show its new Roadbib tyre, specifically developed for tractors that spend more time on the road than in the field.

CropTec 2018 takes place on 28th and 29th November at the East of England Showground, Peterborough. Doors are open 08:30-16:30.

The event is free for visitors to attend, provided tickets are booked in advance.

Visitors to The CropTec Show will be able to collect BASIS and NRoSO points on both days of the event. Those planning to attend the event can keep up with the latest news by signing up to the event newsletter at

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