The CropTec Show – Innovations in crop management technology

Field data management is evolving at a rapid pace, and there is no better place than CropTec to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Several exhibitors will use the UK’s leading technical cropping and knowledge exchange event to launch new products and significant upgrades, helping growers to optimise their rotational and cropping management decisions from sowing to harvest.

We highlight some examples of what visitors can expect to see when the show opens its doors on the 27th and 28th November at the East of England Showground.

Crop management systems

xarvio is a first time exhibitor at CropTec. The company offers digital products, based on a global-leading crop model platform, that deliver independent field-zone-specific agronomic advice.

xarvio will show its SCOUTING app and discuss two new upcoming functionalities, Multiweed Identification and Emergence Analysis. This free app helps growers and agronomists to detect in-field problems by taking a photo with their mobiles.

It currently identifies weeds and plant diseases, counts and identifies insects, and analyses leaf damage and nitrogen status. ‘Radar’ functionality also provides growers with an overview of what is happening in their surrounding area.

Also on show is FIELD MANAGER, a crop production optimisation system new to the UK, which is due for launch in spring next year. The system provides field-specific insights into current status of crops by providing growth stage predictions, disease/pest risk, biomass maps, and crop protection management.

Key features include ‘spray timer’, which recommends optimum timing for crop protection applications, and ‘zone spray’, which gives field-zone specific dosage recommendations.

Visitors will be able to preview the latest version of Geofolia, the data management system from Landmark Systems, which will be available next year.

The intuitive software with integrated app makes updating field records and monitoring performance straightforward.  When field walking, the ability to click on a field from the Geofolia App to pull up historical activities saves having to search for history back in the office. The same App allows operators to add and complete field records from the tractor cab so all information is in real time.

Also on show will be the recently released Greenscan crop satellite image analysis feature, included as standard within the Geofolia package, which monitors vegetation density. This allows users to spot potential problem areas in the field, perhaps earlier than by field walking.

Hutchinsons’ recently launched TerraMap soil scanning system makes its CropTec debut. Said to set a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture, the system is not affected by soil moisture, compaction, crop cover or cultivation state.

Results are used to create maps within the Omnia system which can be overlaid with additional field information such as blackgrass, yields and so on, to create accurate, consistent and detailed variable rate plans.

SOYL is also launching a suite of new analysis tools that supply growers with a range of financial performance metrics across their land and the farm rotation.

The new tools are part of SOYL’s precision data management application MySOYL, accessed through Frontier’s MyFarm farm management platform.

They take financial analysis to a new level, giving farmers with yield map data the ability to easily create margin maps showing income, gross margin and net margin for each part of their land. This helps inform agronomy decisions and also identifies areas where an environmental scheme may be a better use of part of the field.

Data transfer

Streamlined data systems that aim to smooth information transfer are sure to attract plenty of attention.

DataConnect is a new cloud-to-cloud system created by Claas, field mapping specialist 365FarmNet and John Deere, enabling customers to exchange data via a common interface as well as control and monitor their entire machinery fleet.

Users can choose their preferred data platform while being able to transmit data in real time from other machines via the new interface.

DataConnect enables the exchange of all important machinery data, including current and historical machine location, fuel tank level, current working status and forward speed. Transmission of agronomic data is also being planned.

Hutchinsons has been collaborating with leading machinery and data management systems such as Claas, Väderstad and Muddy Boots, resulting in much improved streamlined data connection using cloud computer systems.

The new connectivity agreements mean users of the Omnia Precision Agronomy system will be able to generate a seamless flow of data from the Class Telematics system straight into Omnia. Field boundaries can be shared between the two systems and yield maps will be automatically sent to and processed by the OmniaHub system. This will allow users to make management decisions as soon as the crop is harvested.

It will also be possible to use the Omnia Connect app with Väderstad E Services drills. Variable rate drilling plans that have been generated in Omnia, or in any other third party system, can be transferred to the Connect app which is connected to a Väderstad drill.

Muddy Boots users will be able to transfer field and cropping information and field maps between GLGM and Omnia. Information changed in one system will automatically pass to the other, removing the need for double data entry.

SOYL is launching an innovative link up between MySOYL and CLAAS’s Telematics system, enabling growers with yield mapping-equipped Claas combines to analyse yield maps instantly during or after harvest.

As each field is harvested, yield and position data are uploaded to the Claas telematics website, and the new link allows this data to be instantly synchronised at any time during or after harvest. For the farmer this means simpler and quicker access to their data and allows the interpretation process to start much earlier.

New apps

Rothamsted Research is launching a new improved version of its Croprotect app at the event. With an enhanced search function, social media sign in and the very latest information on pests, weeds, diseases and crops, the app is aimed at arable farmers seeking to optimise their pest management.

Croprotect is a web-based knowledge exchange system to provide guidance on pest, weed and disease management, especially where effective pesticides are not available and alternative approaches are required.

Specialist technical support for arable farmers and agronomists on the move is offered by a new app being launched at CropTec by Corteva Agriscience.

Free to download, the Corteva Arable App contains information for users of the company’s crop protection and seed products. The app lists label rates for applications, tank mix compatibility and usage periods, and supplies information on varieties and traits of maize and oilseed rape seeds to optimise crop management.

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