Strong rooting is key to healthy establishment in cereals

Providing cereal crops with an early boost to root development will improve nutrient uptake, speed up establishment and promote healthy even growth. Autumn sown cereals, particularly those sown late to allow for stale seedbed preparation, will need to get off to a quick start before soil temperatures begin to reduce. Speed of establishment is crucial in providing the best possible start and rapid root development is a key factor towards achieving this before growth slows for winter. Phosphorus (P) is the most important nutrient for effective rooting and phosphite P (PO3) has been shown to be a highly efficient stimulant for root development. In combination with traditional phosphate (PO4), Crop Rooter® Plus provides a powerful boost to root growth. The increased root mass in turn allows the plant broader access to soil held nutrients to maintain a consistent, healthy growth.

Crop Rooter® Plus is a new generation foliar phosphite formulated particularly for use on cereals, working at low application rates to provide a concentrated boost of NPK, with high levels of both phosphate and phosphite P (PO3) and now including 19 essential amino acids, each playing a vital role in crop establishment and development. It acts fast, with the phosphite component accelerating the uptake and delivery of these key bioactive agents and nutrients within the plant. Crop Rooter® Plus can also assist stressed, slow-moving rape plants struggling with less than ideal soil conditions and/or pest pressure. Application & Timing: A timely application of Crop-Rooter® Plus will boost rooting enabling the crop to make better use of soil nutrient reserves. In addition it makes an ideal tank mix partner for early manganese, improving uptake of the element, speeding up response time and improving efficiency. For the best results, we recommend that Crop-Rooter® Plus is applied early at 1 l/ha on cereals and 1.5 l/ha on oilseed rape once there is sufficient leaf area to capture the spray.

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